Article about Backyard Waterfall Ideas

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By: Jonathan Chatfield

Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has always had an appreciation for water. After all, many of the most successful early civilizations thrived because of their proximity to water. Rivers, lakes, and oceans provided food and livelihood for those that inhabited the areas around them. There has always been a benefit to living near water.

In addition to the real, tangible things that water provides, like sustenance, some cultures believe that water represents renewal and release, or even holds mystical properties. They surround themselves with ponds and streams filled with beautiful fish with the intent to increase their luck or to drive away evil spirits.

We’ve even found a way to move it all closer to us by creating indoor aquariums for pleasure and relaxation. Reasons for doing so can range from aesthetic to esoteric and everything in betweenRegardless of your motivation, you cannot deny the many benefits to water features in and around your home and garden.

We are going to talk about some great ideas on how you can incorporate the natural, subtle energy and flow of water into your space.

The Natural Look

Have you ever had the pleasure of walking along the banks of a meandering stream, enjoying the calm, meditative state that doing so can induce? If so, then you will appreciate the first of several backyard waterfall ideas I would like to present.

Picture for a moment, an elevated waterfall running down over smooth moss-covered rocks into a narrow, softly bubbling stream. You could place the waterfall at the beginning of the feature, or at the end like a wonderful little surprise to be stumbled upon. How cool would that be?

With this design, you could strive to achieve the most natural look possible. If you wanted to, you could make this feature the main focus of your backyard. You could even place decks or sitting areas around the flow. Not only would it look beautiful, but it would also enhance the value of your property as well.

The Centerpiece

Perhaps, like many of us who find ourselves in a landscape of sprawling suburbia, you have a limited amount of space to work with. If that is the case, then maybe what you need is a charming pondless waterfall. With this design type, it is much easier to fit it into a confined space.

Imagine sitting in your favorite patio chair beside a relaxing waterfall, the soothing sounds of the flow of water washing away the worries of a long day.

Something More Modern

Maybe you prefer the stark lines of modern architecture. If so, you could fashion a waterfall of flat stones or pavers that would empty into a square-shaped pool surrounded by white stone. You could highlight this backyard waterfall with chrome-plated lighting. Because this might provide a more art-deco look. Even this more updated take on the backyard waterfall could provide soothing comfort in a quiet setting.

Enhancing your Pool

One of the easiest ways to enhance the look of an existing swimming pool and add to its appeal would be to add an outdoor waterfall feature. You could design it in such a way that it flows directly into the pool or through a series of smaller pools or water lily filled grottos. The mesmerizing, natural flow could make your favorite backyard refuge even better. You might even be able to design it in such a way as to add a little more seclusion and privacy. This is an excellent idea for your backyard waterfall.

Tried and True

If you are more traditional, you always have the option of the waterfall and pond combination. There really is no better feeling than enjoying your morning coffee buffeted by a tranquil breeze, and watching the playful water dance of Koi in a pond.

Simple Elegance

Backyard garden waterfalls don’t necessarily need to be elaborate or large. You could design a smaller waterfall in a larger garden area. You could create a peaceful flower garden, chock full of roses, tiger lilies and carnations. All surrounding a charming pondless waterfall at the center. Imagine wandering through your garden, then enjoying a seat on a concrete bench beside your serene backyard waterfall.

Not Just for Daytime Enjoyment

Backyard waterfalls don’t have to be strictly for daytime enjoyment either. Picture with me for a moment, a lovely water feature, surrounded by night blooming jasmine and subtle, colored lighting. You would want to ensure there was enough light for the area to be a comfortable place to sit in the evening, but not so bright as to take away from the ambiance.

The heady scent of jasmine, a glass of your favorite wine, and the company of friends and family; who could imagine anything more peaceful and relaxing.

Finding your Happy Place

There really are so many possibilities when it comes to finding the best waterfall design for your personal space. It doesn’t matter if it is large and elaborate or subtle; natural looking or ultra modern; because there is a design out there that is just right for you!

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