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By: Jonathan Chatfield


Lena Dunham’s Girls, the tongue-in-cheek comedy that has all the hipsters watching, has once again set the spotlight on the charming, often eclectic, borough of Brooklyn. Today, we are going to take a virtual tour bus to some of the hottest Brooklyn filming locations of the hit show. And, maybe we’ll even visit a few that didn’t make the final cut but still deserve a visit.

New York City. Few three-word sentences invoke a more vivid mental picture. The bustling metropolis holds a timeless appeal. People from around the world are drawn to her, this city of instantly recognizable accents and well-known destinations. Each year, like moths attracted to the porch light of one of its trademark Brownstones, millions perform the pilgrimage to the five burrows of this great American City.

Of the five boroughs, none hold as much cultural, social and ethnic diversity as Brooklyn. Home of Coney Island and the Brooklyn Bridge, Soldier’s and Sailor’s Arch. And, lest we forget, the architectural masterpiece of Brooklyn Borough Hall. This King’s County borough ranks as the 3rd most populated city in the United States. It’s no wonder why so many fantastic television shows and movies have filmed here.

The Main Haunts and Brooklyn Filming Locations

There are a few locations that appear on a regular basis and warrant a stop on the tour. Some of them are not in Brooklyn proper but are just a quick train- or taxi-ride away. Many of these have already been given the star treatment in other articles, or aren’t in Brooklyn, so we won’t steal their thunder by going into too much detail here today. These are just a few of the Brooklyn filming locations worth of a visit.

On The Stoop

One iconic location from the show is the stoop of a house on India Street in Greenpoint. This classic red brick and wrought-iron stoop features in the first episode of season two. It’s just a few blocks from the second stop on our tour, Cafe Grumpy.

Or maybe a cup of Joe?

Like Central Perk was to Friends, So Cafe Grumpy is to Girls. Nestled in the Greenpoint Neighborhood of Brooklyn, this coffee spot serves some darned good coffee. Tucked in a neighborhood filled with unique boutiques and hip restaurants, Cafe Grumpy should be a stop on your tour of the coolest Brooklyn filming locations. Cafe Grumpy now has several locations throughout New York. Just goes to show you, coolness is contagious.

Fancy A Cocktail?

If you have the urge for a drink in a cozy, “grown-up” environment, then you should pay a visit to the Weather Up. Located in the Prospect Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, the relaxed environment, and friendly staff makes this a place worth visiting. So shimmy into your favorite little black dress or, for the discerning gentleman, your nicest slacks-and- sweater-vest ensemble, and order up one of their famous cocktails. The fictional Cobble Hill referenced in the show was referring to the Weather Up.

 Lost in the Stacks

Hannah Horvath, Lena Dunham’s character in Girls, is a writer. No doubt she would spend some quality time with books, and Brooklyn certainly has its share of quaint little book shops. For example, in season two, one of the single coolest bookstores ever, Spoonbill & Sugartown is featured. It is the location where Hannah and her ex-boyfriend have a talk while pouring over the vast selection of books. They even have a resident kitty to purr and nudge your legs as you peruse the stock.

In the Closet

If vintage clothing is your thing, then you definitely need to stop by Beacon’s Closet. Just a few blocks from the bookstore above, a huge mural of Dunham’s face graces the side of this building. There were a few scenes shot here, though they didn’t make the final cut. Still, the Girls spent some quality time here rummaging for neon vests, so it must be a cool place, right?

Hangin’ in Bushwick

The Bushwick neighborhood is the site of the warehouse party scene where Shoshanna ends up under the influence and pantsless. This up and coming  Brooklyn neighborhood is eclectic and artsy and plays host to the Bushwick Collective, an outdoor art gallery where residents donate space on their buildings for street art. How cool is that?

End of the Line

Thanks for joining us on this quick little tour of some of the coolest Brooklyn filming locations of the hit HBO Series, Girls. As you can clearly see, this Iconic New York Borough has so much to offer. History and Hipness abound here. So, next time you are in town pay some of these great places a visit. Or, better yet, maybe you think you’d like to become a permanent resident of one of the most happening places in New York. If so, reach out to Brooklyn Realtors and let them help you find the coolest place on the block!

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